Sixth graders are learning about the watershed in Cambria’s Strawberry Canyon.  The Santa Lucia Creek watershed is part of their environmental education class, taught by Danielle Narzisi.

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The students planted Monterey trees as part of the program, which the school presents in partnership with Greenspace – the Cambria Land Trust.  There will be a series of four field trips this quarter. Greenspace Project Director Rick Hawley guided the students through activities to help they better understand the forest and the watershed.

“We learned about forest pathology and learned a lot about the insects that bore into trees,” Hawley said. “We took seed out of pine cones, and we planted about 100 seeds in these little cells, and when they get big enough, we’ll plant them” in the ground.

Kids later were ready to plant some more mature seedlings. They divided into teams of two with shovels, listening to Hawley’s instructions. He explained that they needed to wear gloves as protection against poison oak roots, and not rub the gloves on their faces or skin.  Shovels also needed to be placed face down when not in use, so there were no accidents.

When seedlings were planted, Hawley told the children “With any amount of luck, this tree will grow to be 100 feet tall.”

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