A life skills class is helping students get ahead. One of the most important things for them is the ability to remain in their local school, instead of being transported elsewhere to receive the education they need.

Life Skills Class is Helping Students Get AheadAt Tri-City United High School, Special Services Director Holle Spessard made it her goal to serve as many student who needed special services as possible. When she first started, there was no Life Skills program at TCU. Students who needed additional support in everyday skills were transported to another school.

The district did not have a program for students with behavioral challenges work on their social skills until last year.

“We’re doing much better exhausting our services within our own district instead of sending kids away,” Spessard said.

The Life Skills Program was also implemented this year. It was previously only offered to elementary and middle school students. Life Skills is a program that helps students with disabilities that disrupt their learning in a general education environment

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