A class experiment has helped middle schoolers find a solution to plastic bag pollution. In Okinawa Japan, eight students from the American  Lester Middle School at Camp Lester have found a way to biodegrade polyethylene plastic bags and polystyrene Styrofoam using mealworms and darkling beetles. 

Middle Schoolers Find A Solution For Plastic Bag PollutionThe byproduct fecal matter from the experiment performed in Maryanne Tirinnanzi’s eighth-grade science class was not toxic, according to the students. 

“This could revolutionize our world,” said student Cecilia Braud. “It’s important to us because we see Styrofoam and plastics everywhere.”

The students got the idea to set up the experiment from reading about a study released last year by Stanford and Beihang (China) universities.  They wanted to see if they could duplicate the results. 

“We thought, ‘Why don’t we try using plastic grocery bags instead?’” student Lexus Haight said. “We thought it would work.”

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