The use of laptops, cellphones, and technology in classrooms has middle schools expanding career tech options.  No longer are career tech programs confined to high school, they are now becoming popular options for younger children. Westfall Local Schools, teacher Jake Wuebben put questions about agriculture on a screen so that the eighth graders could quickly answer them on their laptops or cell phones.  Wuebben was able to see the response breakdown, and a tally of points for the fastest students.  If there was a wide time range between answers, he would take extra time to explain it.

Westfall is expanding exposure to technical and vocational trades into the middle school.  This initiative is done as a result of a partnership with the Pickaway-Ross Joint Vocational School District.  All Ross County public school disricts will implement a similar program in he fall.

“What we are doing here is that nearly every eighth-grader in the Westfall school district will have nine weeks of agriculture and, in that nine weeks, we expose them a little bit to the basics in agriculture, we talk a little bit about the history of agriculture, we talk about being a part of the national FFA organization, which they will all have the opportunity to do as high schoolers,” Wuebben said. “The thing that I enjoy most about the class is we start to build their public speaking skills through different projects that are related to agriculture.”

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