Mighty Miler Kids Log Over 2200 Miles For FitnessA dedication to running as part of a club has resulted in recognition as the Mighty Miler kids log over 2,200 miles for fitness.

The club at Crestview Elementary is sponsored by the New York Road Runners. Children run on a quarter mile or half mile track, logging miles for the year and getting into shape.

9 year old Lucas Ream keeps a regular steady pace when running. “If I try to run really fast, I run out of breath fairly quick,” the he said. “I have to walk the rest of the time.”

Lucas is the top runner among 65 students in the Mighty Milers running club, having logged just over 37 miles since September. “I like it because I usually play sports outside when I get home,” Ream said. “I participate in two sports every year – baseball and basketball.”

Students like the fact that running keeps them conditioned to be at their best. Approximately 1000 sites across the country host the Mighty Milers program.  The idea is to get kids who are at all fitness levels to move as they reach personal goals and build self esteem.

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