An exercise with imagination has students rewriting history with a cross curricular approach, even crossing into comic books and an alternate-universe newspaper.

Rewriting History With a Cross Curricular ApproachAt Challand Middle School, two teachers are finding that this outside the box approach is working as students are enthusiastic about learning history with a project based approach.

Having an open lane between their classrooms helps social studies teacher Adam Gee and science teacher co teach five periods a day.  Students can circulate and freely ask questions about either subject while working on their four project choices.

One project is to write a make believe script for “Back to the Future 4” sending Doc Brown and Marty McFly back in time to the middle of the 19th century.  Another project is to create a newspaper or an online class that tell the story of the civil war if the South had won.

Some students have adapted the gaming app Clash of Clans to the Civil War.  They adapted it to show what would change if rifles replaced arrows, and if the war were enacted on American soil, rather than fantasy kingdoms.

Yet another project is turning historical figure Harriet Tubman into a superhero and creating a comic book about her.  This involves research, writing, and creativity.

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