Thanks to a community partnership, seventh graders get a view of the college experience.

Seventh Graders Get a View of the College ExperienceThe Santa Cruz County College Commitment Partnership allows students to see college life, and get an early exposure to the realities of colleges

Inside a large lecture hall at UC Santa Cruz, seventh graders got the chance to ask many questions. “I want to know how they got here,” said 13-year-old Alondra Flores.

The students were attending the 7th Grade College and Career Summit.  The program describes the subjects students need to take before entering a California college or university,  otherwise known as the A through G requirements.

“The message is that what they’re doing in middle and high school will matter in college and their careers,” said Michelle Whittingham, UCSC associate vice chancellor of enrollment management and the university’s representative on the college commitment partnership executive team. “We met and discussed as a group what’s the best grade, the most pivotal, to talk about the A through G requirements.”

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