Schools have all sorts of educational festivals, but at Washington High School the first Shake Fest excites students about Shakespeare.

Shake Fest Excites Students About ShakespeareInnovation Specialist Alisha Wilson, previously an English teacher at the high school, set up the nearly two dozen activities for English class students to get the excited about Shakespeare as teachers will soon begin teaching a unit about the famed English poet, playwright, and actor.

“We’re trying to do activities that will get kids in the library and be excited about learning,” said Wilson.  She wore a yellow Shakespeare T-shirt with the saying from Hamlet, “To thine own self be true” on the front.

The Shake Fest activities covered a wide range.  In one activity, robots were used to create a scene from a Shakespeare play. Others participated in sword fighting, and competed in MacBeth’s Cauldron Toss.  Some students acted out a courtroom drama, trying Hamlet for the murder of Polonius.

“It’s been very impressive,” freshman Derrick Nicholson said. “I didn’t think it would be all this. I thought we’d just be sitting down watching them act out scenes.”

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