A student run store helps students learn about small business in ways they had not expected.  “It didn’t occur to me that it took so much effort,” said Lamberton Middle School eighth grader Mahalya Daye. “I never really managed something like this.

http://leadershipandsoftskills.com/Mahalya is one of a dozen volunteers staffing Bison Bargains, the school’s student run store. They sell pencils, pens, folders, highlighters, notebooks, and flash drives. They also sell healthy snacks, a popular choice for after school.

“There is so much teamwork that went into it,” Mahalya said. “It is easier to do things when working for a team. It would probably be difficult to run a business by yourself.”

Since she has a desire to be a businesswoman, she is glad she decided to volunteer. Learning all the steps was a surprise for her.

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