It may seem to be uusual, but when a student tackles Deflategate in a science project, there’s a lot at stake.

Student Tackles Deflategate In a Science ProjectMassachusetts seventh grader Ben Goodell (no relationship to NFL Commissioner Goodell) says that he believes that quarterback Tom Brady is innocent, and won the top prize in the St Pius V Elementary School science fair.

“I wanted to prove that Tom Brady is innocent,” Ben Goodell said.

The science fair experiment showed the effect of different weather conditions on a properly inflated football.  Ben’s project was titled “How Weather Conditions Affect PSI of a Football,” and showed that the PSI of a football could drop by two points within two hours in various conditions.

“I determined that the footballs were affected by the conditions and Tom Brady didn’t deflate the footballs,” he said.

Ben knows that the results of his science project won’t affect the NFL appeal. “Right now it’s not about the scientific evidence anymore. It’s just about the NFL enforcing the rules,” he said.

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