Because of “flexible seating” options, students are free to move about in these classrooms as they choose. The only restriction is that they must remain on task.

Students are Free to Move About in These ClassroomsTeacher Jackie Williams reminds her students of the morning agenda using a whiteboard and a projector.

“Let’s go over our priority list. If you have not yet finished that math online pretest, get that done first. After that, go into ‘Spelling City.’ If you have the option to do a vocabulary practice test, you should do that, too.”

This is a high ability class of third and fourth graders at Mishawaka’s Liberty Elementary School. Students are free to move about and work on what they want as long as they stay on task. 

Williams says this informal style of teaching and learning results in higher student focus and engagement. Students sit cross legged on the floor or stand at a counter by the windows.

Her classroom is known as an “activity-permissible” classroom. She planned the design and furnishings with donations from parents and former students. 

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