It’s unusual in Wyoming to see any kind of seafaring craft, but a high school had students build a 30 foot submarine as an art project. Powell High School, students officially christened the submarine U307, PHSS Panther.  The submarine hangs suspended in mid air, and students have been working on it since August.

“It’s amazing what went into it,” said Jim Gilman, PHS art teacher.

Gilman’s students have created five large scale installation projects so far.  Last year’s project was a 35 foot dragon.

“Students had asked to build a submarine in previous years, but without the knowledge gained by making the dragon’s ribs, this would not have been possible,” Gilman said.

Students used plywood ribs and two by four main beams to create the submarine in two sections.  They also were challenged by applying skin, for which they used drawing board.  Gilman commented that the skin “was a totally new concept.”

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