A group of building trades students build homes and career success by applying their education in the construction field while still in high school.

http://leadershipandsoftskills.com/At Prosser Career Education Center, the construction of a house is part of the regular studies of a normal school day.  Building a house is a means to studying a wider curriculum.

“It lets me work more with my hands so I actually get to enjoy my day instead of sitting at a desk,” said 18 year old Bradley Roberts. “I’m actually doing something I enjoy.” Roberts plans to pursue a career as a mason upon graduation from high school.

Prosser students have built at least 45 houses since 1969, when the school opened. Seven of the homes are in the Builders’ Ridge subdivision, where the school is located. One house per year is completed by juniors and seniors, and the school sells the homes to buyers.

Each house is a means to teach curriculum, “making sure students know how to connect the technical standards to those academic standards they’ll be held accountable for,” said Alan Taylor, the school’s career and technical education director.

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