The financial climate may be changing, but teens have a chance to succeed with a financial literacy class. Rio Rico High School, students are using the website How the Market Works to learn about the stock market and the process of buying and selling.  The simulation mirrors real life.  When Adan Zuniga’s shares of Chipotle Mexican Grill stocks fell, his instructor Chris Peters called it the worst loss he had seen.

Zuniga lost a large amount of money on his virtual investment, as the stock was purchased at $500 a share.  He was left with only $300 in purchase power. Although the loss was virtual money, the online brokerage simulator is connected to the real stock market.

Luckily, students in the financial literacy class were only dealing with virtual money, though the online brokerage simulator they were using is hooked up to the actual stock market.

Peters says that the exercise teaches students how to research real stocks and invest a virtual amount of $10,000.

Financial literacy is more than a game of the stock market.  It is a math class for juniors and seniors that prepares students for the reality of financial life after high school.

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