A middle school that has been selected for the first phase of The School District of Philadelphia’s School Redesign Initiative is combining blended learning and STEM courses in a new teaching model.

http://leadershipandsoftskills.com/“Tilden is a school that is constantly evolving and getting better and better,” said eighth-grader Betty Jones. “The school continues to make more progress than the year before. I like that because we are also evolving personally and academically along with our school.”

The new design involves Tilden focusing on Blended learning technology.  Direct instruction from teachers is combined with online resources.  Teachers can create personalized learning solutions, customizing instruction based on what a student needs and their abilities. Students get to do something they typically do well, and that is technology.

“We are in year one of the redesign implementation,” said principal Brian Johnson. “We have a brand-new staff and instructional model and within that we’re also doing blended learning, which integrates technology with the curriculum.”

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