Ninth grade students demonstrated their critical thinking and research skills by designing a project for building a bridge across Africa that would expand transportation across the continent in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Building a Bridge Across AfricaAt the Daniel Ninth Grade Center, world geography students researched the  “physical, political, economic, and cultural aspects of a specific region of Africa,” according to June Lancarte, Aledo Intermediate School District communications officer. On the basis of their research, they were to create maps of their region and make an argument for building a highway across it. Students created maps of their regions in teams for demonstration to administrators, principals, teachers, and board members.

3 students came to the conclusion that their region needed a “viable bridge that would offer access throughout most parts of Africa in an efficient, cost-effective manner.” Students Theresa Ruflin, Teddy West, and Grace Flatten said that their bridge avoided desert area, rain forest terrains, and countries with mountainous terrain.  Their bridge also crossed no major rivers.

“We also planned it to cultural and other serious issues,” said Ruflin. “This project involved a lot of collaboration and critical thinking on our part because we wanted it to be a feasible solution to the transportation and safety issues in Africa.”

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