A recent study has found that campus activities help retain college students, as they are engaged with college life and more likely to remain enrolled.

Campus Activities Help Retain College StudentsAssistant director of Western Kentucky University’s Health and Fitness Lab has studied student engagement with campus living.  He has found that more engaged students are more likely to stay, and is concerned about budget cuts leaving less money for programs that contribute to their engagement.

“Any time you cut funding for these resources, what I say that this data says is you’re cutting opportunities for students to connect and engage,” he said.

From the fall of 2013 to fall 2015, Misener focused on how well students were reached by campus resources.  Using a point system, he assigned one point to students in a fraternity or sorority, if they used recreation facilities more than two times on campus, if they play intramural games, or if they participated in the campus wellness program more than two times.

Misener explains that for students, college life is more than classes.  “It’s an opportunity for students to explore, learn something about themselves, develop their own personal identity,” he said. “Students who feel connected to a university environment from a social perspective stay.”

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