Students in elementary school have found that eliminating stress over testing though Yoga and exercise has great results with reducing worry and promoting energy and well being. idea for students at Roy Clark Elementary to make yoga more than just part of an after school program came to community schools coordinator Kulsum Siddiqui after overhearing a conversation. “A group of fifth-grade girls walked by my door, and I heard one say ‘I’m so stressed. I can’t wait to go to yoga after school,’” said Siddiqui.

“When I heard that,” she said, “I realized this was really doing something.”

Recently, yoga instructor Dana Morris visited the school, and introduced over 500 students to basic yoa techniques, before the week long state standardized tests began. On Friday, she returned to work with fourth graders. Reports were encouraging.

Fifth grade teacher DeAnne Finley led students in stretches and breathing techniques after the introductory session with Morris.

“You could see the calmness on their faces,” Finley said, adding that she will continue to use the techniques in class. “Every one of them has talked about how it has ‘quieted their crazy thoughts’ … helped them think about one thing, instead of all the anxieties coming at them.”

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