A field day focused on local creek life and water management proved to be an enjoyable day of exploration for several hundred sixth graders.

Field Day Focused on Local Creek Life and WaterBowling Green Junior High School students waded through Trammel Creek, catching crayfish and measuring the ph level of the water during and educational field day.  The day was hosted by the Warren County Office of Stormwater Management and Bowling Green’s Environmental Compliance Division.

This field day has been held before, but according to Matt Powell, manager of the ECD, this is the first time that an entire grade has been hosted. “This is the first time we’ve ever had anything like this many kids or anything like this many different agencies participating,” he said.

The entire sixth grade is about 300 students.  Half came on one day, and half on another.  Previous field days had accommodated around 40 students at a time.

“This gives them a chance to see people who really do this from a career setting,” Powell said. “They’re not just reading about it. They’re seeing it happen. They get to experience it. They get to help.” The field day also featured stations from Frankfort and Bowling Green offices of the Kentucky Division of Water, the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Center for Cave and Karst Studies, the Natural Resources Conservation Service and the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension.

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