Two schools in Mississippi are fighting classroom boredom with Move To Learn, a fitness program that is an initiative to get students active and fit, while enhancing learning.

get students active and fitHundreds of students gathered in the gymnasiums of East Union School and Myrtle School for an introductory lesson with Coach Larry Calhoun, the star of the exercise break videos. At East Union, the main advocates for getting Move To Learn started were Betsy Basil and Holly Hogue.

“I originally found out about it from Ms. Betsy (Basil) who is our school nurse and we started using the CD,” Hogue said. “We use it every day and the kids love it. They love to exercise and we found the website. I got in touch with the people and asked them to come to our school.”

Hogue found that students were becoming bored sitting in their seats, while being told to be quiet.  She felt that if the students were allowed to exercise they would do better academically.

“The kids really enjoy it,” Hogue said. “I love it, it’s awesome and I recommend it to everyone. It’s a great program.”

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