As a means of teaching children about making purchases and helping people, two first grade teachers made sure that the first field trip for first graders showed them math and philanthropy.

First Field Trip For First Graders Showed Them Math and PhilanthropyStudents from C.L. Smith Elementary school went on their first field trip, when they visited the Grocery Outlet Bargain Market and bought items to donate to a food bank.  The store donated gift cards for the students to do their shopping.

Prior to the excursion, the two classes of first graders were given lists of items and prices. Each class divided into .three groups, and received a $25 gift card.  Their task was to figure out how to spend the money.

“At C.L. Smith, kindness is one of our four school rules, and it’s very important,” said Krista Maechler, a first-grade teacher. “I think this is a great way for our kids to not only learn about buying and goods and services, but also to learn to help other people.”

“We think it’s important that they understand how they are helping the community and that it’s important to give back,” said Shannon Parrish, who owns the store with her husband. Parrish’s children attend C.L. Smith Elementary.

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