A dozen renovated classrooms will be designated innovative spaces, forming the designs that could reshape reading for the future.

Innovative SpacesSome of the exciting designs at Manatee County middle schools in Florida include  a Promethian ActivWall, as well as other Promethian products.

Z Space virtual reality projects also will be featured in the innovative classrooms. Students will wear special glasses and draw items that will seem to come to life for in depth study.

Some classrooms will be painted in brightly colored paints. There will be new furniture, and teachers will participate in the design. “We wanted to give the teachers the ability to define it for themselves,” said Patrick Fletcher, the district’s chief information officer.

According to Fletcher, the project is about more than technology. The new classrooms are designed to promote collaboration among students and teachers, and facilitate students developing personalized learning plans.

“We want collaboration,” he said. “This is about more than technology.”

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