A group of kids are featured in a healthy eating documentary, which highlights their classroom learning about nutrition and making healthy choices at lunch.

http://leadershipandsoftskills.com/The documentary  “The Kids Menu” features fifth grafts from North Haven’s Ridge Road Elementary School and their teacher, Kate Corcoran. She teaches students how to avoid processed foods by including fruits and vegetables in their daily diet.

“I incorporated it into a math lesson,” Corcoran said. “I asked them to name 10 items they eat every day and determine what percent of their day involves processed foods. Then they would try to plan for next week with smart swaps.”

The film is made by the Australian filmmaker Joe Cross, who is well-known for his documentary “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”.  Many of his fans wanted him to focus on childhood obesity.

“We heard about the incredible work being done by a North Haven school teacher so we reached out to her,” Cross said. “She is integrating nutrition into her curriculum and we thought it was fascinating, so we reached out.”

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