A special tour of the county jail and courthouse was all part of middle school students learning about criminal justice on Law Day.

http://leadershipandsoftskills.com/92 students took a tour of the facilities during a field trip where they could ask District Judge Kelley Gillette-Walker about real on the job experiences. “We’ve been learning some stuff in class but now have knowledge on how it really is,” student Alina Muroski said.

According to teacher Jamie Brennan, the curriculum was focused on the criminal justice system, but she was able to make it part of her version of “Law Day”. “We went through the whole process of being arrested and booked all the way through a sentencing,” Brennan said. “They even did their own mock trial where they acted as the judges and attorneys.”

The mock trial was based on a murder trial. “We do this kind of thing (field trip) every year because it ties into curriculum,” Brennan said. “I think this is our fifth or sixth year, but we find something that connects what we learn in class.”

Nationally, Law Day is recognized for high school students, but Brennan has designed her own version for middle school

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