Data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) indicates that there is a national math and reading score decline among 12th graders.

National Math and Reading Score DeclineScores from the Nation’s Report Card showed that only a quarter of high school seniors performed proficiently or better in math. 37 percent of the students were proficient or better in reading. This indicates that only about one third of high school graduates in the United States are prepared for the challenges of college entry level courses.

According to Peggy Carr of the Education Department, the report shows that reading scores need closer attention. “There is a gap, a widening of a gap of higher and lower ability students, and I think that’s something we need to think about,” said Carr, acting commissioner of the National Center for Education Statistics.

In 2015, the average score for math declined one point from 2013. This is the first drop in a decade.  Reading scores were flat for a while, and down five points from 1992, when the test was first administered.

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