A new lottery system for selective Aviation High School started this year with the intent of creating a transparent and fair process that is less subjective, reflecting the population of the Highline District.

New Lottery System For Selective Aviation HighAfter a change in the admissions policy of Raisbeck Aviation High School, the class of 2020 will be far more diverse than any of their predecessors.  The nearly 400 applicants were entered into an enrollment lottery to determine who would attend the selective school, where only 35 percent of the 429 students were female and 38 percent racial minorities.

The public high school in Tukwila prepares students for careers in aviation and aerospace. Next fall, the class of 105 students will reflect the population of the school district, as they will be 56 percent male and 44 percent female, and 28 percent of the class will be white.

“Being a public school system, you have to have an equitable and defensible system,” Superintendent Susan Enfield said. “Because we have more students each year than we have seats for, the [school] board and I have to be able to look any parent and student in the eye and say, ‘You have an equal chance of getting into this school.’”

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