Students in education classes may be nervous about their internships teaching for the first time in front of a class, but now new teachers learn classroom management through virtual reality.

New Teachers Learn Classroom Some student teachers  “might feel a little bit funny for the first minute or two because they’re interacting with a computer screen, but because the avatars are so real in their behaviors, with their voices, and in their interactions, it seems very real,” said Prof. Catherine Bradshaw, of the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education. “What we want to do is help teachers practice these strategies so that they can use them more flexibly in a real-world setting.”

The technology used by Bradshaw and her colleagues is Mursion’s TeachLiVe, which is an immersive teaching simulation.  Student teachers interact with 5 child avatars. Durind a ten minute session they stand in front of the and deliver a reasonable the avatars react in challenging ways.

The technology was developed by researchers at the University of Central Florida.

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