A local business partnered with a middle school composts waste by using a worm farm.

School Composts Waste By Using a Worm FarmIn Lincoln, Nebraska, a local businessman has opened a commercial worm farm, continuing the hobby he was doing in his basement and now turning vermiculture into a commercial enterprise.  The company is now collecting food waste from two area middle schools for composting with worms.

“We’re taking trash, and we’re making something that’s really good for our soil,” said Jeremiah Picard, owner of Big Red Worms.

The company raises red wiggler worms, which create worm castings.  This is a premium natural fertilizer made up of the discarded soil, undigested food, and bacteria that are excreted by the worms.

At Lincoln Public Schools, sustainability coordinator Brittney Albin believes the vermiculture project works with the existing recycling in the district and presents students with a great learning opportunity. “Now they can see turning that cafeteria waste into a useful product,” she said.

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