Students are accustomed to having anatomy classes, but in one school they experience science instrction with a high school taxidermy class. the first time, Croswell-Lexington High School in Michigan is offering a taxidermy course, and it is popular.  The teacher is KyleTubbs, who owns a taxidermy business.  Last year he pitched the idea to principal Ryan Cayce that the school should have the class as part of the science curriculum.

The community is near Lake Huron and has long practiced hunting and fishing.  Sixty students enrolled in the first two sections, and some had to be turned away.

For Matt Barker, a senior who is a trapper and hunter, the course is a perfect fit.

“This is one of the best classes that I’ve had, because it’s a very hands-on class,” said Barker while taking a break from fleshing an opossum he trapped in his grandfather’s backyard.

A requirement of the class that that students must bring in an animal that they hunt, trap, or find dead.  Road kill is acceptable.

Many of the students have already taken biology, and the class meets state standards for science instruction. “It fits in and integrates well with the other physical science courses,” Cayce said.

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