Even though they cannot vote, students are preparing for the presidential elections, conducting mock primaries and becoming informed enough to have their own opinions.

Students Are Preparing For the Presidential ElectionsIn Pennsylvania, the primary is Tuesday, April 26.  At Greencastle-Antrim High School, students presented a mock presidential candidate press conference, playing roles during the simulation.  Ellen Kirkner, the civics teacher for the group, had them try out three different roles – a presidential candidate, a press secretary for each candidate, and reporters asking the candidates questions.  Students who were the candidates had to research the actual candidate they portrayed, learning about their history, background, and policies on important issues.

The class held a mock election, and reflected their local demographic.  Donald Trump received 12 votes, half the class.  Ted Cruz received eight.  Bernie Sanders had four votes and Hilary Clinton received none.  Students learned about the election process, and developed their own ideas. In other high schools around Pennsylvania, students conducted debates, mock elections, and analyzed the inner workings of caucuses.

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