A desire for a safer, healthy environment for all has inspired a group of middle school students sharing their green lifestyle with their community.

Students Sharing Their Green Lifestyle With Their CommunityStudents at Goshen Middle School told city leaders and other visitors that a few lifestyle changes can make a big difference.  Here are the ideas they supported:

First, leave your car parked.  Walk or ride your bicycle.

Second, reduce waste.

Third, share these ideas with your friends.

Eighth graders were challenged by their science teachers Joe Vance and Nate Long to find out more about environmental issues that affect quality of life in Goshen.

“We gave them each a zone to focus on and from there, let them do the research and determine where to find the information they needed to gather to create short public service announcements,” Vance said.

What were the zones?  Transportation, agriculture, industrial, recreation, commercial, and residential.  Community groups were also included.

“Our ultimate goal was to get students to think outside the box,” Vance said. “We wanted them to look at these issues from a variety of viewpoints and take those into consideration when suggesting solutions.”

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