Today’s students travel the world at school thanks to Google Expeditions Pioneer Program. World travels are just as close as the school library.

Students Travel The World At School Thanks to Google ExpeditionsAt Rundlett Middle School, librarian Nancy Keane applied for Google to come to the school as part of the pilot program. Google sent a representative to the school for two days to show the kids how to travel without leaving the library.

“Google was offering it to a lot of areas around the world so I applied,” Keane said.

The students received a Google cardboard viewer which holds an Android phone connected to a tablet that that teacher controls.  When the teacher navigates, students view countries like Egype, or travel to national parks throughout the USA.

“It was really fun and cool because I got to see it in my own way,” said student Amy Cohen. “It was definitely a lot different and way cooler. You felt like you were there.”

“It’s a unique way for them to see things they’re going to learn about,” said Melissa McCaffrey, a sixth grade language arts and social studies teacher. “My hope is for them to retain some of the info.”

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