A fifth grade class received a lesson in writing with pen pals, and found that when it comes to letter writing practice makes perfect.

A Lesson in Writing With Pen PalsAt Gertie Belle Rogers Elementary, Brett Flemmer’s fifth grade class exchanged letters all year long with high school students who volunteered to become pen pals with them.

“Letter writing has become a lost art,” said Flemmer.

Most of  the students didn’t know how to write a letter when the school year started.  The task of assembling four paragraphs took hours to write.  However, the students learned the art of letter writing as the year progressed.

The students met recently for the first time at the high school.  Carli Flemmer, Brett’s wife, is an English teacher at the high school.  She wanted to strengthen her own students’ writing skills.  Thus the pen pal program was created, and is now in its third year.

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