Students portrayed their favorite literary or movie characters, creating a living library that brings great characters to life.

A Living Library That Brings Great Characters to LifeThe Living Library project was presented in Scottsbluff as part of the CHOICES program. Counselor Sue Herdt, who is an English teacher said that the project enabled her to asses what the students had learned about the person they had researched. “It’s different than a paper and pencil test. It’s a way to allow them that individuality. There are rap stars, all sorts of people to see,” said Herdt.

The project included all of the Language Arts standards, such as reading, speaking, writing, listening, and technology.  The students are graded on their research, the quality of the poster they create, and interaction with people for the project, as well as how well technology is incorporated.

Students were able to personalize their project, and Herdt perceived that there was more interest and effort put into the projects because of that personal touch.

“There’s a big social benefit for it too, where they might realize somebody might seem really hardcore on the outside but they have a family and gone through some hard times, they’ve made some commitments, done volunteer service, but they’ve really learned about these people,” said Herdt.

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