An escape room makes math and biology fun, and could well be the perfect evening entertainment. digital escape adventures, puzzles, treasure hunts, haunted houses and interactive theater is what happens in Animas High School’s Escape Room.

“Six geniuses can enter the room,” said Aliza Cruz, a math teacher at AHS, “but if they can’t work together, they probably won’t get out.”

Escape rooms have their roots in Silicon Valley and Japan, and are a physical version of escape-the-room games.  They can resemble a space station, a dungeon, or a haunted house.

Most of these games involve solving puzzles to solve a murder mystery, provide a path to the keys allowing the player to leave the room, or find a treasure map.  Meantime, the clock is ticking down an allowed time limit of 60 minutes.

“I’m a person who likes games and puzzles in general,” Cruz said. “Two years ago, my younger brother in Charlotte (North Carolina) took me to one, and now I’ve been to five or six in different cities.”

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