Old school and new methods are coming together at an elementary school, where blended learning supports personalized learning.

Blended Learning Supports Personalized LearningAt the Newton-Conover school, the blended learning system was adopted this year.,  Students do not sit in rows listening to a teacher directed lecture.  They sit in small groups, divided for equal levels of learning, and then work independently using online tools at stations in the classroom.

“We know that students learn at a different pace and different level. Well at Shuford, we’re catering their learning to their needs,” Shuford principal Patrick Nelson said. “We integrate all subject areas as well as we integrate learning whether that be teacher driven or computer driven or team collaboration driven.”

Teachers can personalize instruction, but not slow down the class, by using digital content to the maximum effect.  Students log on to their class web page, keeping up with assignments and working on related activities.

“You might have one student working on something over here in the same subject area, but then you might have another one in science or another one in math and it’s all on their levels,” said Stacey Mrazek, the blended learning coach.

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