A ComiCon hosted by middle school students and teachers is now in its fourth successful year, and is a great boost to learning language arts and science subjects with creativity.

ComicCon Hosted By Middle SchoolAt Triton Central Middle School, fifth graders dressed up as superheros.  Some had capes and masks.  Language arts teacher Kristi Reedy, and science teacher Sara Marshall also dressed in costume for the event that they are in charge of.  Principal Bobby Thompson did so as well.

Students in the language arts and science classes shared the comics they created for the event with elementary school students, who look forward to visiting each year.

Stations were set up to showcase the projects.  The design process was shown on tablets at a gaming station.  Elementary students created their own comics at a coloring station. They also played superhero video games at a Wii station, and had the opportunity to have a fifth grader read a comic book to them or read one themselves at a reading station.

Fifth graders look forward to the ComiCon, and are eager to get started.  The event takes about two months to plan. “It’s something they look forward to and it’s a great way to end the year,” Reedy said. “They’re completely engaged.”

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