Drones are coming to high school as the need to show students about real world technology is growing.

Drones Are Coming to High School“The goal is to always be out front — cut these kids loose and put them in a place where they can grow,” said Lee Butterfield, a 34-year-old South High School teacher in Anchorage.

The latest high  tech addition Butterfield has made to his classroom is unmanned aircraft, also known as drones.

These are not just examples. Alaska Aerial Media is working with Butterfield to create a whole class teach in students how to learn to operate drones in emerging jobs globally.

“It’s beyond the cutting edge,” Butterfield says.

“There are people using drones as teaching tools, but they’re not teaching drones,” Butterfield said. “There are a lot of people using them to teach physics of flight, but none with the express purpose to prepare kids for jobs within the economy.”

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