Mock trials took place at the Forsyth County Superior Court when fifth graders put Rumplestiltskin on trial for Law Day.

Fifth Graders Put Rumplestiltskin on Trial For Law Day160 students from Chattahoochee Elementary School were welcomed by Chief Judge Jeffrey S. Bagley as they played all courtroom roles.

“It’s an opportunity for students, while they’re at a good age, to get an idea of what goes on in the court system, because so many people have not been to court unless they’ve been in trouble,” Bagley said.

The mock trial was based on a story that Rumpelstiltskin sued Queen Mallory, claiming she owed him $50,000 for work he performed. A signed contract was part of the evidence.

“People have taken the stand with different stories, and you’re going to have to decide what story is true,” Bagley told the jury before they deliberated. At the conclusion, the jury awarded Rumpelstiltskin $5,000.

Bagley enjoys the partnership with the schools. “We’re here, we do the same thing, we do our routine,” he said. “To get out into the community and let people know we’re real people, we’re human and we’re right here.

“We do the job of the courts every day, but we still want to connect with the community in a way I think we can under our ethics.”

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