Shaping the county and fulfilling a civic duty by voting were some of the reasons given when high school students voted for the first time.“I’m a little nervous,” said Mark Fidrych, a  Westerly High School senior. “I’ve never done this before. But this is important to me. I feel now that I’m responsible to make an important decision, and I’m honored that the United States wants my opinion on who should be our next president.”

In Rhode Island, high school students who were eligible to vote went to the polls for the first time to vote in the state presidential primary. At Westerly, more than a dozen students voted in the primary. Prior to voting, a number of students gathered to celebrate.

18 year old Emily Pereira said, “Because of my World Affairs class, I finally realized the importance of voting. It’s basically shaping the way the country will be for the next four years.”

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