Students built a small house as part of the “If I Had a Hammer” program at Reynoldsburg Junior High as they learned how to apply math concepts to real skills.

If I Had a Hammer“It was a two day-event, with the first day spent in creating a dream house blueprint that incorporated all of the math skills needed in day two to actually build the house,” Principal Michelle Watts said.

Master carpenter Perry Wilson led the event and founded the “If I Had A Hammer” program.

Wilson said that the best way he learned math was after he became a carpenter and applied the skills.

“My company has had the privilege of working with over 1 million children nationwide,” he said. “Our online curriculum is used from third grade through high school.”

“Students were able to use applied mathematical concepts of measurement and fractions to construct a house,” said Watts.  “This let mathematical concepts that are sometimes abstract for students to come alive and have real meaning.”

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