A middle school language arts teacher is encouraging students to work on improving writing with random acts of kindness.

Improving Writing with Random Acts of KindnessAt Daviess County Middle School, teacher Melody Wallace has been striving to help her students become better writers.  She has focused on making their writing experiences reflect community service and kind actions.

Last year, she was challenged to improve her students reading and writing. She focused on narrative pieces of writing for improvement.  She found that these were predictable, so she looked for ways to write meaningful pieces that were important to them.

After receiving a $500 grant to use for developing an innovative project encouraging language arts improvement, she started a community service project.  The students wrote encouraging notes to people living in assisted living and the employees.  They are also creating “Have a Nice Day” cards with a week’s worth of bus tokens to be distributed at area bus stations.

Wallace says that the project relates to writing, because “by teaching my students to engage in acts of philanthropy, their narrative writing would be stronger because they would have authentic experiences to draw from.”

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