Several students who made a difficult journey through high school are inspiring other special ed students with their book before they graduate.

Inspiring Other Special Ed Students with Their BookAngel Feaster and Jeremiah Mabunay are two of the ten students who shared their struggles in a book “Finding Ourselves”.  The book was a project of Lynn Bocca’s Transitional Partnership Program at Fairfield High School.

Feaster has learning disabilities and had difficulty coping with the death of her mother in Freshman year.  Mabunay was often called Porky Pig due to his stuttering, from his early school days. “I had no friends,” he said. “The only person I had was my little brother. When I got bullied, he was so helpful.”

The class project aims to remind students who have special needs and learning disabilities that there is hope. “Most of the stories are what they remember (happening to them),” Bocca said. “They are sharing them to make it little easier on others.”

The class raised funds through a Go Fund Me project to finance the printing costs of the book. They have become a very tight knit group in the process.

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