It used to be just reserved for high school, but keyboard skills now taught in elementary school are part of the routine curriculum.

Keyboard Skills Now Taught in Elementary SchoolAt King Science and Technology Magnet Center, eighth graders spend time before the start of their class practicing keyboarding.  Just like in typing classes of days gone past, they focus on home-row keys, and practice their speed during timed tests.  Sometimes they retype articles they find on the web.

“It’s increasing our skills and making us get ready for the real world when we have to type fast,” said eighth grader DeMario Echols.

More than ever, kids are working with technology, and that means that they need keyboard skills in the elementary grades.  The idea is that in the future, middle school students like DeMario won’t have to spend time on rote typing and can utilize classroom time learning coding and web development.

“We really feel like if we don’t give them some skills early on, we’ll miss that window and they’ll develop some habits that will be hard to break,” said Elkhorn assistant superintendent Cindy Gray.

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