Having kids interview professionals for their school job fair turned out to be a great way for students to learn about different occupations, meet real people doing those jobs, and make presentations on what they learned.

Kids Interview Professionals For Their School Job FairThe skills to be a civil engineer interested Javon Love, and he was eager to explain what is needed to pursue that career.

“They do a lot of creative thinking,” he said. “They have a very important job. They help with the environment and help the city get better.”

Sixth graders at Broken Arrow Elementary were showing the results of their English language arts project, “When I Grow Up.”  They chose careers in fields they were interested in, ranging from video producer to astrophysicist to wildlife photographer, and while researching their jobs, they spoke to a professional who is currently in their chosen career.

Sixth grade English teacher Kristin Fulps wanted to expose her students to potential careers, along with the entire school.

“I think they’re typically used to seeing what their immediate families do, or professional famous people,” she said. “So unless they’re exposed within their family to different careers, they don’t see those opportunities. So this really kind of hopefully exposes them at a young age that, oh hey, there are these other things out here and maybe that is something I would be interested in pursuing.”

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