Kids telling stories of resilience is a project at one middle school to encourage students to develop empathy.

Kids Telling Stories of ResilienceAt West Middle School, as teens tell their own stories, other teens listening learn more about them. The event is called The Resilience Cafe, and takes place at Colorado Mesa University’s Dominguez Hall.

“We know for sure it’s something we will continue,” West Middle School literacy and history teacher Bryan Bell said of the exercise. “Some kids thought other students had perfect lives. We spend so much time studying historical figures and their stories of resiliency, but there’s so many stories of resiliency in our classroom.”

Students spoke of adversity they have faced with the death of a parent, or surviving their parents’ divorce. Some spoke of times they felt suicidal, and how they survived.

According to Bell, the stories has an effect on bullying, as many students never realized what their peers were going through.

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