Veterans joined with high school students learning about the Vietnam War experience to preserve the history of the era and pass the knowledge down to younger people. the Harold L Bradley American Legion Post 584, the Vietnam Awareness School featured memorabilia from the Vietnam War Experience Traveling Museum owned by Chuck and Annette Van Voorhis.  The museum holds a vast collection of items from the Vietnam era, including military uniforms of the United States and the South Vietnamese, North Vietnamese, and Vietcong.

“If you let it, it’ll just disappear, and all the lessons learned over there, they’ll just repeat them again,” Chuck Van Voorhis said. “They’ll just repeat those problems again.”

250 students from Harding High School visited the museum, viewing presentations by veterans as well as the collection. “I’ve always been interested in history,”said senior Colin Clarke. “My Papa was in the Navy. He used to tell me stories about his missions and I was so interested in this stuff. To be able to see all this stuff and hear their stories, it’s really interesting. It gives me a real sense of pride and respect for my country and my community.”

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