Seventh grade students had an opportunity for learning the importance of good decisions on a tour of a jail.

Learning the Importance of Good Decisions on a Tour of a JailAt Howard Middle School, students were excited to spend the morning at the Marion County Judicial Center, learning about the Criminal Justice System.  Even more exciting was the tour afterward, when bailiffs led them into the smelly holding cell where defendents have to wait for their hearings.

“Come back any time,” Deputy Warren Timmreck said as the tour ended. “Just don’t do it in stripes.”

Teacher Pam Earnest hopes the field trip can be repeated next year.  According to her, the purpose of the trip was not only to educate the students about the criminal justice system, but to also reinforce the importance of making good choices.

“Bad choices are what gets you in here,” Timmreck warned from the holding cell.

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