Career and Technical Education Classes enable students to be learning valuable skills in high school. and engine maintenance is a popular class at Rhea County High School. “We work on a little bit of everything. From balancing, rotating and changing tires to oil changes and other basic maintenance procedures,” said teacher Brody Sims.  Other CTE classes include classes in criminal justice, construction and carpentry, and electrical and plumbing systems.

Hands on opportunities drive the curriculum.  In Scott Heath’s construction core and carpentry classes, students construct micro-homes for We Care of Dayton temporary housing.  “We do everything from putting on siding, roofing, installing sheet rock, building walls, rough openings for doors and windows. Students go through all the basic training and safety procedures as well before they are allowed to get to work,” Heath said.
“I always tell them they have to be willing to learn and earn their stripes. Whether they choose roofing, siding, doors, or whatever, they’ll have to put in the work to gain the respect and trust and where they want to be down the road,” he said.

New projects constantly present new opportunities, from building transmissions to wiring homes.  Criminal Justice students conduct mock trials. Others are busy building the world’s largest flashlight.

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