Middle school students found that Lemonade Day was deliciously successful.  Lemonade day took over throughout  Elkhart County, as lemonade stands lined roads and appeared in front of businesses.  Students learned what is necessary to operate a small business as they worked at the stands.

Lemonade Day was Deliciously SuccessfulMost of the profit was donated to local charities and nonprofits. The chair of Lemonade Day, Meggan Fink, said that the intent of the event is to help kids learn social and business skills.   They learn how to talk with customers, save money, and share with the community.

“It is always interesting to see how they decide to give back, each kid has their own little niche,” she said. “Some give to people they know that need help, others to an animal shelter. Even at a young age they have causes they want to support.”

Lemonade Day has been partnered with Junior Achievement since 2013.  Junior Achievement is a program in schools that helps students learn business skills and financial concepts.  Lemonade Day is an event where they put those skills into practice.

“Every year I am surprised at the unique ideas these kids come up with,” Fink said. “I am always amazed at their creativity and the way they try to find ways to be more successful.”

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